TAMU CTF 2019 Writeups

  1. Pwn
    1. Pwn1
    2. Pwn2
    3. Pwn3
    4. Pwn4
    5. Pwn5
  2. Network/pentest
    1. Stop and listen
    2. Wordpress
    3. Calculator

TAMU CTF 2019 Writeups

Hi this is Scr!ptk!d!es
Recently I participated in a CTF called TAMU CTF. It was a 2 week long competition.
I started this very late (4 days before it ended) so i was not able to solve many questions.
However at last I ended at 275th place

On left there are writeups to question I solved during competiton.
As There were lot of chalenges I listed here only pwn and two pentest....

Howeve soon I will add writeups to other challenges too...