TAMU CTF 2019 Writeups

  1. Pwn
    1. Pwn1
    2. Pwn2
    3. Pwn3
    4. Pwn4
    5. Pwn5
  2. Network/pentest
    1. Stop and listen
    2. Wordpress
    3. Calculator


Challenge Link: nc 4324
Difficulty: Damm easy!!
Binary Link:

This was the easiest pwn challenge.....
when open nc connection it seems like it was running ls command and asking for ls commands arguments

So if we gave -l as input it runs ls -l
so i enter -l to get list of files in current dir

And there was a flag.txt which i read by giving

| cat flag.txt

as input(see i use pipe to use cat command)

see image below:


so easy to get flag!!